Race Does NOT Matter

NOTE: I am NOT trying to make white people or anyone with pale skin look like a villain in any way. I myself am REALLY PALE.

Racism is a famous topic that has been talked about the past few years. Even though we’re past the segregation in buses and slavery, it still exists. Discrimination can be direct or indirect, such as not getting a job even though you’re as qualified as someone with a pale skin/white person.

As someone who was born and lived in the Middle East, racism exists there and is barely talked about. It’s funny because most Arabs and Middle Eastern aren’t pale such as Saudis, Pakistanis and even Egyptians (Me Me Me), yet racism exists. Don’t deny it people I have seen A LOT of jokes about tan and black people, and how some people still perceive them as “not pretty enough” or they look down on them that they can only work in low-class jobs. Mind you, the term “low-class” has been set by society recently, so it doesn’t mean SHIT unless you just want to follow society to be ‘accepted’. Working as a cleaner, cashier and farm worker is NOT an insult. We actually hire them because we NEED them 🙂

Secondly, why do people care so much about external appearance? Why does it matter that someone’s pigmentation and skin tone is darker OR lighter? Black, tan and pale people can ALL be parents, husbands, wives, lovers, kids and they all have the EXACT same organs + body functions. Every single person in this world regardless of their race can learn, dance, communicate, walk, work and use all of their 5 senses. Skin tone does NOT make ANYONE less worthy of respect or kindness. How I see it, there is only ONE race in this world which is the HUMAN RACE. Watch this https://www.instagram.com/p/B03eSKEBLim/?igshid=w8ih5j202xnw

Discriminating against someone because of their skin tone is NOT a reflection of who they are, it’s a reflection of who YOU are 🙂 Being pale, tan or black does NOT make you superior to them or less human than you are. It simply makes them another human being who was born into this world, grew up and is trying to have a fulfilling life like everyone else.

A few days ago, someone LITERALLY told me that most crimes are caused by AFRICANS, specifically the BLACK MEN. Can I just point out the number of wrong shit in this ONE sentence? 1) NOT all crimes are caused by Black African ‘men,’ haven’t you heard of the Christchurch mosque shooting in NEW ZEALAND that happened this YEAR is suspected by the Australian Brenton Tarrant? Crimes are caused by criminals, not by black people, not by white people, not by Australian people and NOT by ALL Muslims. Crimes are caused by criminals. 2) The sexism in that sentence is disgusting, that crimes are caused by ‘men.’ As much as I hate to say this but there are women who are rapists, thieves and murderers. Read about Belle Starr, Moll Cutpurse, Anne Bonny, Charlotte Corday, Ma Burker, Mary Surratt and many more. Being a criminal has NOTHING to do with GENDER. It has to do with who YOU ARE. 3) ‘African’ like really?? Really?? Have you never seen or heard of crimes caused by Asians, Africans, Europeans, Americans and/or Australians? Not all crimes or even MOST crimes are caused by Africans. Again, race and nationality have absolutely NOTHING to do with being a sick asshole.

Whoever ingrained those racist and sexist ideas in the first place, SHAME ON YOU.

– Ellen Degeneres is a popular comedian and TV host. She makes millions laugh every single day even though she is a lesbian white American. Does being lesbian, or having a pale skin or American make her any less beautiful? Does it make her any less genuine? Any less funny?

– Faiza Rammuny (AKA @expirednfabulous on Instagram) is a relationship advisor and social media influencer. She is a STRAIGHT MUSLIM WOMAN from PALESTINE who inspires Arabs to speak up, helps with relationship issues (straight and LGBTQ). Her tan skin didn’t make her less wise or less inspirational or less pretty.

– Habiba Da Silva (AKA @lifelongpercussion on Instagram) is a HIJABI MUSLIM beauty blogger/vlogger who is half Brazilian and half Lebanese, living in the UK. Her hijab and skin tone didn’t make her less stylish, it didn’t make her personality less kind, and it didn’t make her less genuine.

– Black Influencers/Actors: Oprah Winfrey, Rihanna, Michelle Obama, Joshua Darius, Brandon E. Miller, etc…

Don’t hesitate to share your experience with racism here 🖤

4 Replies to “Race Does NOT Matter”

  1. Amazingly written. I have a few thoughts on racism and discrimination which is obvious in Middle Eastern countries. They don’t see you as a human here. For an instance, if you greet someone and they know that you’re not from their race, they will not answer you at all and rather ignore you. Moreover, some of them have harsh feelings in their heart about people from other places; if you’re pulled over on the road and asked for your license and registration they will check which country are you from on your identity card and the second they find out the identity, there are very high chances of you getting a fine or getting your car impound for any random reason just because you don’t belong here. They also question about how do you afford this car in the first place. This awareness has to be spread among arab countries so that they see us as human first and then any other characteristics.

    1. 100% agree! And the bigger problem is that people refuse to admit that something needs to change, especially us Arabs.

  2. *An interesting discussion is worth comment. I think that you should write more on this topic, it might not be a taboo subject but generally people are not enough to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is still a touchy subject to some people, but it is definitely worth discussing. I will write about this more – that’s the plan 100% – it’s just that I have been focusing a lot on body positivity and self-love, but I will write more on this topic 🙂 soo passionate about diversity🖤

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