Appreciating #DiversityMatters

I just want to take the time of my day to really express my support and appreciation for every community. Diversity is a topic that I am truly passionate about and I will always be. I said this before and I’ll keep saying it, there is absolutely NO ideal “body shape,” or “skin colour.” EVERY skin colour, religious belief, preferences, gender and body shape/size is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It is mid 2019 and it’s about time we stop tolerating racism, sexism and every single “ism.” I don’t believe anyone is defined by their preferences or what they believe in or by their external appearance, as long as they are NOT harming anyone. I always discuss these topics and share my two cents on them on my Instagram, but today I would like to specifically focus on racism and tell every pale person that they’re beautiful. To tell every tan person that they are stunning and to tell every black person that they are absolutely GORGEOUS. Also, one last thing, if you don’t have anything nice to say to someone or anything productive to add to conversation then just keep your damn mouth shut and stapled 🙂 💋

#DiversityMatters #NOMoreSilence

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