A Little Sunshine 💋

If no one told you this today, you’re beautiful. You’re strong. You’re resilient. You’re capable of doing ANYTHING. You’re unstoppable! You have the ability to go above and beyond🖤

YOU are amazing in so many ways. If you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, know that the weight will drop day by day. The pain will subside and you’ll see the light at the end of a tunnel one day.

The deeper the wound, the closer you are to a breakthrough. If you feel alone, know that even if it doesn’t feel like it right now, there is someone out there who cherishes you. There is someone out there who sees your beauty beyond your flaws, beyond your failures and beyond your perfect imperfections.

You deserve so much happiness, compassion and true love. You deserve someone who values you for who you are. You deserve people who feel you without saying anything. You deserve to be showered with so much joy and sunlight! 🖤

If you feel lost, know that soon you will find some guidance. If you need to cry, know that we all have two shoulders just for you. If you need a hug, know there are plenty of arms out there to hold you tight and that you are NEVER alone 💋

Stop looking at yourself as a failure, know that you’re still learning. Stop looking at yourself as incompetent, you are a precious being. Stop looking at yourself as a jackass, you’re only changing from here. Stop looking at yourself as ugly, you have a beautiful soul. Stop the self-hate and practice self-love instead. YOU.ARE.WORTHY 💋


Sending you tons of light, good vibes and tight hugs 🖤 If no one told you this today, I love you to infinity and beyond 💋 And fuck anyone who says otherwise..

Pfffft. Normal is overrated y’all. Be your weird self and love the fuck out of it 🖤💋👑

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