Taking My Hijab Off

Hijab is basically a head scarf that Muslim women wear. Today I am writing this blog after discussing this with my family and closest friends to inform them of my decision as to why I am taking the hijab off. I know I am dropping a BOMB here, but before we get to this blog let me just say that I am writing this because I have my mind made up NOT because I need ANYONE’S approval about MY hair/body.

I LOVE the hijab and I think it really adds more life to a lot of outfits and clothing. Taking the hijab off does NOT mean that I hate it or have any less respect for women who wear it. I think that you can wear whatever the hell you want because you are NOT defined by what you wear. Modesty is presented through character, through actions and good deeds. You can be a hijabi muslim who sits in the corner and gossips shit about others and you can also be a hijabi who does good deeds and still loves and follows Islam.

I am NOT trying to promote this idea or encourage ANYONE to take it off. I still very much believe in GOD [Allah] and I LOVE Islam so much! Taking the hijab off is NOT me leaving Islam, even though that is none of anyone’s business. Also, I will NOT remove my Instagram and Facebook pictures with the scarf. I love that journey and I think I looked darn fabulous with the head scarf. I am aware of the judgements that I will get and people saying shit like “why even wear it in the first place if you’re going to take it off?” I know there are people who will say that I am not ‘innocent’ or ‘decent’ enough. I am also aware people will say other shit like “What will you tell God when you meet him?” My response to all these questions is that it is something that is between me and Allah, and again, it is MY journey, MY business.

Why Are You Taking it Off Then?

Not that I have to explain myself to anyone, but I will share my thoughts and reasons here and that is the whole purpose of this blog. Don’t like it? LEAVE.

  1. INTENTION – In Islam, EVERYTHING is about INTENTION. You know how people always tell you that if you’re going to pray or do ‘charity’ work then you have to do it with the right intentions and for the right reasons? Well this applies to the hijab, too, and I am starting to feel disconnected from the HIJAB NOT from God. And I have always worn the hijab for GOD, NOT for people. I feel like if I wear the hijab whilst feeling disconnected from it then I would be cheating Allah and I would be a hypocrite in the pursuit of getting a pat on the back from Muslims. I would be dismissing everything I wrote in my previous blogs about authenticity and being true to yourself. Here is an Islamic verse (Hadith) about intentions: إنما الأعمال بالنيات وإنما لكل امرئ ما نوى
  2. Wore it for Too Long – I don’t mean that I am sick of wearing it or bored of it, but when I chose to wear it almost 6 years ago I wore it because I WANTED TO. I am still in my early 20’s and like it or not, there are outfits and certain clothing that I would love to try on and wear. Clothing to me is a form or self-expression and I would love to explored that. This goes back to what I said earlier about wearing it for the ‘right reasons,’ and if I am having these thoughts and urges to try out other stuff, then I am NOT wearing it with the right intention.

I am NOT asking anyone to approve of MY decision or agree with it. It’s a choice that I made and it is between me and God. Those who support me, I LOVE you for not being a closed-minded-culturally-brainwashed and for understanding that a scarf does NOT change who I am for the better. I am who I am because of who I CHOSE TO BE. I am still the same goofy, strong, independent and badass hardworking woman! Anyone who decides to be a judgemental ass or to ‘stay away from Hoezana’ I am so glad you decided to do that because now I know who really loves me and if I made the right decision to have you in my life.

A woman’s clothing is NOT the only way to serve God, so stop putting that kind of pressure on women making them feel inadequate or not “muslim enough” without it. Just fuck off already, seriously though. You can be a “good muslim” with and without the hijab. It’s about actions and your character.

And I will keep the scarves I have to wear them around my neck in winter and make my clothes look even more classy and trés chic 🖤

I will NOT be answering to anyone or explain myself further, worry about YOUR soul and YOUR connection to God (if you believe in Allah) NOT about me. My life decisions won’t contribute to your life in any shape or form, and if it does, boo-hoo I guess? Hahaha.

I did NOT work on my confidence and self-love that hard to go back to feeling like I can’t be myself because of a scarf. Sorry Not Sorry.

MY body, MY rules. MY way 💋

A kiss from me to the Haram Police and also to those who have always supported me.

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