Inspirational Quotes When In Pain

Dedicating this blog post to anyone having a hard time now….
These quotes aren’t all mine. I have heard or seen them at some point and saved them on my phone

  • Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been different
  • Life isn’t over yet, even if it feels like it
  • Who wins if you keep blaming them? Take back your power!
  • Blame them for what they’ve done. Don’t blame them for what YOU haven’t done
  • Be grateful for all the lessons it taught you
  • No matter how bleak your situation, this is NOT the end of your story
  • Tell yourself now: “Stay with me for a little while…”
  • The best revenge is moving on
  • Take control of your thoughts NOW
  • Develop yourself as a priority, then get to the ‘stuff’ of the world
  • Take the time of your day to develop a stronger mind – Your reaction will be different
  • You can ditch the victim story
  • You are NOT a victim, you’re a survivor
  • Good news: Happiness is YOUR responsibility – You came into this world alone and you’ll leave it alone. Focus on YOU
  • I attract miracles because I believe in miracles
  • Inspire others who will look at you and say – “She/he did it and I will do it too
  • You deserve to feel and find deep, purposeful existence
  • Stand up for everything that matters to you!
  • To be human means to experience highs and lows, and in those ‘lows’ a character is formed
  • Keep fighting for those you love
  • Keep fighting for YOU
  • Through the hell come qualities from heaven
  • Anything and everything is possible if you keep going
  • Courage is NOT formed in absence of fear
  • Strong people break, they don’t stay broken
  • Strong people feel like quitting, but they don’t
  • Strong people aren’t free from challenges, they’re strong because of their challenges
  • This is a MOMENT that WILL pass
  • Use the pain of yourself to create a better future
  • Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny
  • If you’re not going to talk about something during the last hour of life, don’t make it a priority now

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