STOP Comparing YOUR Life To Others

We all find ourselves comparing our lives to other people almost every day. To be honest it can be hard sometimes to shut the outside noise because it’s everywhere. You see people thriving and succeeding in areas you’re trying to grow at on social media, at a workplace, within friendships and many more. You find yourself comparing your physical appearance, your relationships, your success at work or education, etc… This blog will focus solely on how and why you should STOP comparing your life with other people.

Comparing Physical Appearance

Social media is such a misleading world and I know that from personal experience. I need you to understand that when I say that NOT everything is the way it seems, I mean it. Before comparing your body, hair, skin tone, features or whatever, I want you understand the following:

  • You have NO IDEA what other people do to have the body that they have. I personally know people who starve themselves so they avoid social outings, count how many calories they should eat before going out, cutting out food, doing shitty diets like “the water diet” which comes with A LOT OF SIDE EFFECTS. A lot of people struggle to get the body that they want.
  • NOTHING against cosmetic procedures, but a lot of people, especially celebrities get plastic surgery to look a certain way or even get liposuction and they aren’t transparent about that.
  • Applications I have personally used (deleted all these photos) – FaceTune2 and many other applications are used to alter your features like a more defined cheekbone, slimmer nose, bigger lips or to remove eye bags/dark circles, simply to catfish whatever standards society has set for us. Even applications like ‘Make Me Slim Thin‘ to edit their photos (used these too) just to look smaller or have bigger hips. ALL these features are BEAUTIFUL obviously, but you don’t HAVE to look a certain way just because someone else does.
  • MAKE UP – Just go on YouTube and see how people change their skin tone or contour their face to look more ‘defined.’ Even acne can be concealed using make up even though it is something very normal that everyone gets.

Most importantly, know that you are NOT in competition with anyone and if you do feel that way, sorry not sorry, but that is YOUR own insecurity which you need to work on. I have written a step by step blog about how to start loving your body and another one about body dysmorphia in case you need it.

Comparing Your Relationships

This is one of the most common comparisons that I see, and I have been guilty of it in the past. Whether it’s friendships, families or romantic partnerships, this section is for you if you keep comparing.

  • Romantic partnerships: No matter how many screenshots people share with you, no matter how many pictures they post on social media and how much that person talks about their partner, you have NO IDEA what the nature of their relationship is. You don’t know if they’re both faithful to one another. You don’t join every single phone call and you have no idea what arguments they’ve had that they haven’t told you about. How many of you here were constantly posting pictures or videos of your partner/with your partner and your relationship is/was fucking shitty? Most importantly, you don’t need a confirmation of their misery to feel better about yourself. Maybe a happy relationship is the only good thing that person has in their life and you don’t know how far they came to develop a healthy relationship.
  • Friendships: Again, you DON’T know the nature of each and every single friendship. Just because someone has a lot of friends, that doesn’t mean that life challenges, deep rooted insecurities and fears are completely excluded from their life. People like me have been LITERALLY betrayed over 3 times by different friends and have been backstabbed A LOT until I finally developed healthy friendships. Focus on the relationship you have with YOURSELF and then go from there.
  • Family: Let me ask you something, have you lived with their family since the day your friend was born? Do you know every single struggle or difficulty that went down in that house? No. Truth is that you DON’T KNOW SHIT. Whether that person is related by blood or not with that family, STOP COMPARING. It is so unfair of you to say ‘well at least they have a family,’ because maybe that household is so toxic and your friend grew up feeling scared and unloved their entire life. Yes, I do believe we should all be grateful for the big and small things we have, but that doesn’t mean you get to put yourself or others down. Just why?? Not everything is against you ffs. Just like not everyone knows what’s happening in your household, you can’t tell either what’s going on in others lives.

Hard Truth – Your relationships is YOUR responsibility. You’re the one holding the phone and you’re the one who makes a decision each and every single day who you choose to be in your life. YOU choose whether or not to communicate your needs, your voice and your opinions. I’m not saying it’s all easy, but I am saying it is something at SOME LEVEL is in your hands. You have two choices – take control of your relationships or give your power away to others. Your choice if you want to keep giving outside circumstances a voice and keep playing the victim. In a time like this, we need to lean on each other and be more open rather than adding more pressure. I’m sorry, I know I am being so harsh right now, but I am only saying that because I love you guys and I want us all (including myself) to do BETTER.

Comparing Your Success

I understand that we all have goals and aspirations, so it can be hard sometimes to not compare your success to other people when people are constantly sharing and posting. Whatever you define success to be this section still applies to you.

  • I want you to remind yourself that everyone has a different journey. Just because something hasn’t happened yet or it took a completely different turn, it doesn’t mean you’re done. You probably had a lot of times when you fell down and thought you won’t make it but you did or you ended up on a better path. Make this your mantra: “Things Fall Apart To Fall Into Place” – there’s no other way
  • Someone else’s success is NOT an indication of your failure! You both came out of a different womb (or the same one..) at a different time and your heads aren’t popping out of the same body. You are NOT them and they are NOT you. If you want to give your power to other people, be my guest, or you can start declaring that your life is turning around and start applying changes and see how that works for you.
  • Success can happen ANYTIME at ANY age – DO NOT set yourself limitations because of your identity, age or family. Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire!
  • Find or ask for navigation – Instead of looking at them as evidence of your poor performance, use them as inspiration and a way to access information as to how they got to where they got to. Asking for help doesn’t make you ‘stupid’ or ‘not good enough.’ Every single day we all learn and grow, it’s a process and a journey. So you can either continue being a bitch to your ego (sorry again – love you) or you can go ahead and ask for help/advice. Refocus. Refocus. Refocus. It’s a process and it’s okay to make mistakes or even fail.

I don’t want to address this thing happening in the world right now because it’s being talked about EVERY WHERE like there’s no escape. I just want to briefly share a few things you can do in this difficult time, because it really is a difficult time to a lot of people especially that a lot of things I was looking forward to have been delayed so it’s been hard to adjust to ALL OF THAT. Here are things to do at this time INSTEAD of comparing and comparing:

  1. We never have enough time during the rush and the commitments to really spend time alone enough. Take this time to self-reflect by asking yourself what do you want out of life? What are your passions? Who do you aspire to be? What kind of career do you want to pursue? What relationships do you want to develop or form? I would say take the time to rate each area of your life out of 10, ask yourself what have you already done and what else can you do. So for example, if your career life is 4/10, how can you get to a 5/10?
  2. Count Your Blessings – Now that most of us aren’t working, studying, going out or seeing people, it definitely feels lonely like there is nothing to look forward to. Take this time to remind yourself of everything you have and anything you have taken for granted – Health, Friends, Career, Money, Love, Hobbies, Food if you managed to get any at this time, a roof over your head to stay safe, etc..
  3. Learn Something New – I don’t know what you want to learn whether it’s cooking, make up, science, personal empowerment, bla bla bla. Get to it and you can check out SKILLSHARE to help you with all these areas.
  4. Do the things you have been delaying like that dusty old book you’ve been saying you’ll read since 1973
  5. Learn how to look after your mental health and self-care daily. I have a whole mental health category as well or find an online therapist.
  6. Reminder: We are all given this chance to slow down and take some time to ourselves. This is also a time where Earth is breathing – there has been a lot of climate issues, pollution and the Amazon was on FIRE. This time will allow Earth to breath a little from all the litter outside and carbon emissions, etc…
  7. Learn to be more mindful with eating and adopt a healthier lifestyle – Obviously most supermarkets are short on food or completely out of products, so take this time to be more mindful and choose healthier choices (since everyone talks about boosting their immunity system)
  8. PLEASE!! LOOK AFTER ONE ANOTHER!! I know some people are separated from their loved ones including myself, but please lets learn to use this time and understand that life is so damn short and here is the evidence. So call, text, video call or make time to meet if you aren’t on lockdown/living close to each other or if you drive, do spend quality time, express and share how much you care about each other. This is a time where every single one of us NEEDS the support... Let go of the pettiness, the ego, the fears and the insecurities for now – now is not the time for that

Reminder: Do What Frightens You

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard the terrible news of the famous basketball player that passed away, Kobe Bryant and his daughter. Whether or not you knew him before the new and regardless of what kind of person he way, I know for a fact that news like this can get us all thinking about life in general.

Rest In Peace

I only heard of Kobe a few times, as I am not that up-to-date with sport celebrities. I only saw him in a few videos, like on James Cordon’s episode of ‘Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts.’ So I was more shocked to hear the news than anything really since I never really followed Kobe on any of his social media accounts. It got me thinking though which terrified me – This man had a daughter and a wife… His daughter died with him and his wife was waiting for both of them to make it back, and they DIDN’T. How scary is that? Knowing that in a blink of an eye people can be taken away from us… The thing is, we always say that when we hear about someone famous or a family member/friend passing away, yet we still go on our lives fighting over petty shit and missing out on opportunities or experiences, because we say ‘We still have time.’ Well I’m sure those who passed away didn’t think the day before that they were out of time…

You might be reading this and thinking “what a sad blog.” Before you press ‘exit,’ let me remind you that all of my blogs are written in the pursuit of personal empowerment and giving others a sense of inspiration. Talking about reality might be sad but we have to face it at some point, and the reality is that we can lose people any minute. So take the damn time and think of everything that scares you – AND DO THEM ALL! Nope, I am not asking you to jump without a parachute, that’s just reckless and dumb. If it’s something reckless or inappropriate then DONT do it. I’m saying stand up for what you really believe in, go after those dreams you’ve always had, do more good to this world and raise awareness, love with an open and big heart and fight for those you care about, go after that job opportunity you’ve been delaying because you were so afraid of getting ‘rejected.’ Rejection is part of life! You WILL BE rejected from jobs, friends, lovers and so on. That is just part of life but you never know until you try and sometimes it’s better to know than wonder if it would’ve worked out and live in regret. Sometimes even rejection takes you to paths you never thought you’d cross!

Go after what’s impossible if it feels at some level that it can be yours. Fight the greatest enemy in the world – FEAR – Refuse to let it invade your mind and control your feelings and actions. Quit running and delaying – JUST FUCKING DO IT! If you’re still thinking about it, then you still want to go for it – SO GO AFTER THAT DREAM NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS – Because life is too short to spend it with those who don’t support you or appreciate your company. If you keep running from the things that scare you, you might miss out on something really good that could’ve added more value and spark to your life. If the people within your circle love you enough, they will come around at some point and if they don’t, then they don’t care as much as you want them to.

Really ask yourself now – What do I want in life? What moments do I want to experience? What memories do I want to make? Which people do I want to spend the most time with? Which paths do I want to pursue? What will I regret of I run or delay it further? Who are my real friends that want to see me happy and I can trust 100%? Who do I really want in my life? What things have I wanted to stand up for and I haven’t? What have I been wanting to say out loud but too scared? If you’re still too terrified to take action, then go ahead and read my previous blog about overcoming fears and negative beliefs here. We’re all afraid of at least one thing, and because I didn’t want to think deep about this topic (which I ended up doing like a mofo), I refused to text/call people I care about and tell them how much before it’s “too late.” [Even the thought of it sucks]. So, being the not-so-courageous person I am, I wrote this: (See photo below)

Since last year, I have made big changes internally and externally which I regret none of – distancing myself from emotional vampires and energy suckers that don’t add value to my life or appreciate my presence was one step closer to a happier life. From this day onwards, I won’t be ‘not-so-courageous’ and I will embrace every moment of my life. I came into this world alone with my own life and I’ll leave it alone, so how I choose to live it and the obstacles I choose to overcome will be in my hands. Same goes for you – the ball is in YOUR court and life is lived on your terms – not your culture or society’s expectations. And just because I am writing this blog it doesn’t mean I don’t have fears, I still very much do, but every hour of the day is time to make a decision – time to act and be brave!

Ask yourself today, on a scale of 1-10 where am I at with my career life? (just an example). Lets say your career life is 6/10 and friendships 3/10, ask yourself what you can do today to up to a 7/10 in career life and 4/10 in friendships? It’s okay if the answer doesn’t come right away, you WILL figure it out!

Sending tons of love and light to anyone grieving right now… And please remember that just like bad things can happen out of the blue, wonderful news arrive any minute! Also, you can always create NEW beliefs – check out those blogs here.

Virginity & Sexuality – End the Taboo

Please note that this blog contains adult content, language and images – This blog might be unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18

I am writing this blog today as it’s such a taboo topic and it’s important to start a conversation about this for better education and learning to respect others boundaries as I always discuss with my friends. So lets start by explaining what ‘Virginity’ and ‘Sexuality’ really mean.


Virginity means an individual who has never been involved in sexual acts with anyone, especially women (thank you society). In a lot of parts of the world, a woman’s virginity is her sole identity, specifically in the ARAB world. I am aware that this exists in other cultures but I DON’T have the right to talk about cultures that I don’t come from. I am also aware that a lot of people who are probably wondering the purpose of this blog and why it even matters what someone’s virginity is. Well, the point of this blog is that IT DOESN’T matter what someone’s virginity is.

Obviously, in religion, premarital sex is prohibited for both MEN and WOMEN, NOT just women. And I am not here to promote premarital sex or encourage anyone to do anything. You have the free will to be/not be sexually active. It just really bothers me how a woman’s (SOMETIMES even a man) virginity is an identification of how ‘pure’ or ‘innocent’ or ‘decent’ of a woman she is.

More times than none I hear people discussing other women’s virginity or even have the AUDACITY to ASK a woman/man whether or not they’re virgins (mostly women are asked that but I don’t want to exclude men from this conversation). I always wonder how that piece of information will matter or add value to ANYONE’S life. Virgin or not, I think that people are more than just their vagina. I think that decency is about how you as a person act, treat others and how you really impact people’s lives. A man can go on a dickathon and no one will say shit, but if a woman goes on a pussathon she’s immediately judged as a whore, impure and unworthy.

In a lot of cultures, ‘virginity’ is literally an IDENTITY – a woman’s worth, ability to find a husband (who wants a ‘pure, decent’ woman only) and her reputation/ her family’s reputation. This kind of pressure leads to mental and physical illnesses, as well as suicide attempts. A woman/man’s virginity is something that’s between them and GOD, if you believe in God, this is exactly why we have judgement DAY not judgement LIFE by society. So unless this woman is actually harming you or anyone else, leave them BE.

It’s time we ALL (regardless of gender/non-binary) STOP accepting comments and questions about our virginity. I think this a very personal, private and intimate question. A lot of us stay quiet or even ANSWER to other people as if we OWE anyone that piece of information. The only two situations where ‘virginity’ can be discussed is the following:

  • Conversation with YOUR gynaecologist
  • Telling your partner that you’re saving yourself for marriage, so sexual intercourse is NOT on the table

A real friend or lover understands that you’re more than just a vagina/dick. If you feel ‘judged’ by your partner or friend when sharing your experience, then maybe you should give them your back by walking away. You don’t OWE anyone that piece of information. Unless YOU choose to share a sexual experience with a friend like any two close friends, but that is a conversation that is ONLY initiated by YOU.

Making the DECISION to share yourself with someone is a PERSONAL decision and one that’s between you, God and your significant other. NEVER ask or accept to be asked whether or not someone is a virgin. I get that sometimes people wonder if their partner has been sexually active in the past to know whether or not they can get intimate with them. In a situation like this what you can ask is THIS:

  • Hey, are you open to doing this?
  • Are you comfortable doing this?
  • Can I do ‘this?’
  • Are you a virgin? – FUCK TO THE NO. DON’T ask this

The last thing that I want to discuss about virginity, is how people define that based on whether or not a woman bleeds. Again, in a lot of cultures and shit people try to find out if you’re a virgin depending on whether you bleed during your first time, which ends a lot of marriages (unfortunately) and ‘honour’ killings – there is NO honour in killing you dumb fuck. Sex education is a topic that should circulate around the world as much as gossip does. So lets get to education, shall we?

  • Hymen MYTH– Hymen is a thin piece of tissue that extends across the opening of the vagina. This is a myth that suggests that when a woman loses her virginity, her hymen breaks. Apparently a) A hymen can be broken in many ways, not just by penis penetration. It can be broken while engaging in physical activity, such as sport. b) Some women are born without a hymen, which is why not all women bleed during their first time.
  • The Virginity Fraud [Myth is NOT proof]- As the ‘hymen’ is just a myth, it is not confirmed whether or not it’s true. Watch this TEDX video and read this.

Long story short, some women bleed and some women DON’T. Get over it. And it’s really none of your business whether or not someone’s a virgin.


This section applies to everyone from different sexual orientations – Don’t feel excluded 🙂

Another taboo topic that people don’t discuss to the point that a lot of people find themselves in situations where they’re not fully ‘yes,’ but they do it anyway to please or satisfy their partner. Here are common questions that I hear and I will answer them now:

  1. “I’m not enjoying sex with my partner, but I love him/her. What do I do?”
    My answer is always this – Explore. Try different things at the comfort of both of you and see what you both enjoy. Everyone has a different preference and you can never know until you try. Also, if you’re sharing your body with someone then you’re already vulnerable, so why not communicate your thoughts in a respectful way? Communication can be verbal or non-verbal – Verbal: “I love the way you do XYZ, if you do it like this too that would be amazing!” Non-verbal: Take control 😉
  2. “I’m not ready to have sex, but I don’t want to lose the relationship. What do I do?”
    If you’re not ready to explain the reason why you’re not ready, it’s okay. Just ask your partner to wait a little and say that you need some time before you share yourself with them and you only want to do that when you’re both in this. If your significant other respects you, they will be patient and understanding. If not, then you might want to re-evaluate the person you’re currently seeing.
  3. “I am NOT confident with my sexuality. How do I tell my partner?”
    Before telling your partner, you might want to sit down with yourself and ask yourself why you don’t feel confident with your sexuality. You have to understand yourself first before explaining that to others. After that, when you’re ready, share that insecurity with your partner and tell them what you feel comfortable doing and what you don’t. Learn how to communicate as it’s one of the most important aspect of any relationship. I said this many times, the foundations of any relationship are as follows – Respect, Communication, Trust and Affection
  4. “What if I do something wrong and it puts them off?”
    You only learn by making ‘mistakes.’ We’re human beings and mistakes HAPPEN, and that’s OKAY. Don’t be too hard on yourself and understand that all of us have at least one bad experience.


People always say that ‘consent’ is complicated when it really isn’t. If you’re sexually active with someone, then always ASK before doing anything. Just because you’re seeing someone it doesn’t mean either of you OWN each other’s body. Harassment and rape also exist within relationships and marriages. Besides, you never know what anyone has been through in the past that makes them queasy or uncomfortable. So always ask before doing anything, and the possible responses are:

Yes– Yay. Go for it!

No– Leave it be.

No response – LEAVE IT BE. How many stories have you heard about women/men who get raped and the rapist says “She/he didn’t say no.” Well, they didn’t say ‘yes’ either. Why do people always take a no response as a yes rather than a no? In situations like these, a lot of people freeze, feel shy or get nervous.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

You’re Hurting – What To Do?

If you’re struggling right now, I feel for you. You might have been rejected, hurt, lost someone or have any other issues. Let me tell you something…

Yes, things DO hurt sometimes.. It can seem very very dark sometimes.. I get that more than anyone. I know the last thing we want to hear sometimes is the whole ‘light at the end of a tunnel’ quotes, and I will NOT do that.

But what I will tell you is this:

1- It hurts NOW and it might feel like FOREVER, but that doesn’t mean it is.
2- If someone left you, know that they didn’t love you enough. If they did, they would fight the circumstances over and over again and do their VERY best to stay with you. There is something that we can all always do because WE are the ones in CONTROL. Truth is, it’s THEIR loss NOT yours. You will hurt for now and you have every right to, just please, HOLD ON.
3- If things seem dark now, let yourself feel that moment to heal. Feel to heal. It’s okay to not be okay, just don’t wrong, mistreat or push others away because it is NOT their fault. Let people in 🙂 You never lose by letting others help you.
4- If you fucked up, stop looking at all the impossibilities and look at what you can really do to make it up. Remember that people wake up with different feelings every day, you never know if you never try.
5- DO NOT push yourself too much – If you need stay in, sleep a little, disconnect from social media, do that for A DAY. If you let yourself sink in that hole, you will lose. Be strong, you can do this. I swear you can!
6- If you’re feeling insecure or self-conscious – Go ahead and read this blog
7- If you need a little sunshine – Read this SHORT blog

Remind Yourself of The Following:

  • You are worthy more than you think
  • You are beautiful and you deserve people to see that
  • You are loving and people will love you the way you love yourself
  • You are strong so keep fighting
  • You have a precious soul, let people wipe away your tears
  • You are cunning
  • You are brave
  • You are smart
  • You are IN CONTROL of YOUR life
  • You are sweet
  • You are tenacious
  • You are amazing in so many ways
  • You’re caring, and that’s not a flaw by the way

Everything will be okay… Things get better when you’re not looking.. LET PEOPLE IN and RECEIVE their love and kindness <3

Truth About Heartbreak

There is a reason why it’s called ‘Heart break,’ because it breaks you in every way. It breaks your self-image, ruins your confidence, you’re wounded, hurt, hopeless and it shatters your perception of love. Heart break SUCKS! It’s different for everyone so I understand that some people won’t really get this and there are people who feel every word written in this blog…

Coming from a relationship that was very abusive in many ways than I shared in my previous blog [click here to read if you haven’t] having to leave it and go through all of this painful healing nearly KILLED me (literally). I had a lot of suicidal thoughts and the urge more than once to do it. There are days where it comes back like today and days or even weeks where it doesn’t even cross my mind. You can move on from the relationSHIT and stop loving that person but the wounds are still there.

Please, if you’re in a toxic relationship, LEAVE. Yes I still hurt sometimes and I still do have some work to do, but I have also healed 95% from all the shit that happened. I would rather take a round trip than a one-way trip. A round trip takes me back to the pain and feel the emotions so raw like it just happened then come back stronger, reflect and grow from it. A round trip allows me to breathe most days and feel joy and hope again. A one-way trip is being stuck in a dark hole full of pain and unbearable heartache.

Anyone going through a heart break now, trust me when I tell you that I fucking get it. I REALLY do feel for you… I still have days like TODAY where I am on an emotional roller coaster – from laughter to complete silence to tears to smiles again… It fucking hurts, but it also gets SO much better. I never thought I would even say that I healed 95%. I still try to open up and talk about certain things that happened to me, but trust me it is way better than being and living in that terrible moment. Leaving now will get you on the healing journey quicker. There is no easy way around it, you have to feel to heal. I promise you that the journey is SO WORTH IT though. I didn’t think I would have been able to muster up the energy to go through it and the courage to start talking about it.

I know it doesn’t seem like it right now, but things do get better and you will see the light eventually… You can never see the light if you’re sitting in the dark and you can’t heal in the same environment you got sick at. I want to thank him for hurting me that way, otherwise I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. I wouldn’t have all that bravery, wisdom and resilience if it weren’t for that heart break. I wouldn’t have reflected on the real reasons that put me in that awful, excruciating position in the first place.

I would love to say to him – Thank You and Fuck You – but his ass has been blocked for MONTHS now

Make sure the next person you date is someone who is KIND, PATIENT and UNDERSTANDING. Someone who really gets you and your healing journey. Someone who is willing to let you take your time with things without feeling under pressure. Of course if you’re completely broken, then you should take the time to focus on yourself and NOT date. AND don’t take someone else’s compassion and patience for granted. Call yourself out when you’re being unreasonable or unfair to them, because what happened to you isn’t HIS/HER fault, it’s whoever hurt you in the past.

How I Left A Mentally Abusive 3-Year Relationship

Please note that there are a lot of stuff that I will not add to this blog to respect the privacy of the ex-shitty-relationship. I am so glad I came this far and managed to heal and truly move on. Abuse is something that you ALWAYS HEAL FROM. And when I say abuse I mean mental, physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse. If this is a topic that has triggered you in the past or will, please ignore this blog and do NOT READ IT. Your health and safety should always come first.

I know everyone who knows me will be shocked by this blog as I haven’t sat down and really spoke about this with ANYONE.

– National Domestic Violence Month: October

How Did It Start?

I started dating when I was 16, which is obviously a very young age to open your heart to someone and start a relationship. Back then, I was very self-conscious about my looks, my body, my face, my personality and literally everything you can think of. I felt so unloved in the past since I was bullied for years and I had other personal stuff going on.

At the age of 16, I met this guy whom I found attractive. He noticed me when I was feeling alone and lonely, and when we started talking, we found similar interests. One of our first conversations was about our interest in video games like The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls and The Walking Dead. He really got my attention at that time, and I felt like he was different. When I say ‘different,’ I am talking about his mindset, since I come from a culture that is still somehow closed minded. I always felt different from my culture and I never thought that I would really find someone, not even a friend, who is that similar to me.

We started talking, and we got so much closer. We were close friends for around three months and then he started checking me out, flirting with me and noticing everything I do. I’ll be honest, he swept me off my feet. And we started sharing some personal stuff about our lives which made us grow even closer and I started feeling safe with him. Then some time later, he confessed his feelings to me twice and asked me to be his girlfriend. Obviously, I have reciprocated those feelings and they were super strong. When we started dating, things were so sweet, romantic and gentle. I remember we used to talk on the phone for 2-3 hours after midnight when everyone slept, and we would have endless conversations both on the phone and on social media.

I got too attached to him because I didn’t love myself enough. I let HIM dictate what love, happiness and confidence really is. He was very affectionate at the start of the relationship and I remember how much he talked to me about how strong his feelings were towards me. I was super happy to the point that I loved him blindly, because again I didn’t love myself enough. I was truly, madly and deeply in love.

So, What Happened?

Even though he was very vocal about his feelings towards me, he never really did those little things or romantic gestures, like getting me a red rose or even a necklace… I was starting to feel really needy and at times we started arguing. Then when our parents found out that we have been seeing each other, he promised to not leave regardless. However, the way he was treating me, and the relationship changed. He was becoming too cautious as to when to see me, when to text me and he was angry that his parents were mad at him because of me. We started arguing A LOT and he was really aggressive with his stabbing words. He even told me at some point, “you don’t even know how to love.” Till this day I remember this sentence because it stung like hell. He started fighting over the smallest things and hated the fact that he was being judged by his friends that he is ‘dating.’ Yes, ‘dating’ is still a taboo in the Arab world, but I didn’t give a shit and I still don’t.

As I mentioned earlier, he was really aggressive with his words. And at some point, he started calling me ‘fat.’ He made comments about how I would fall because he thought I was too fat, even though I was thinner than I am now. I let it slide because I thought to myself that he is just going through a difficult time. Then it got worse from here… At one point he took his anger out on me and started yelling, calling me names like ‘whore’, ‘slut’ and ‘stupid.’ I saw his rage and that side of him when he got angry which made me wonder in that moment if he was just angry or mentally unstable.

The problem wasn’t just that he called me names, the problem is that I believed him because I didn’t think I was pretty enough or smart enough or worthy in any shape or form. And after that we started talking less and we were barely even meeting. It felt so lonely when I was with him and that’s the worst place you can be at. Then a while later we both agreed to end the relationship since he was too angry all the time and he couldn’t stand the sight of me somehow.

A couple of months later, we got back together because I followed my heart. I was still very in love with him, so I looked for excuses as to why he was acting that way and I wanted to make it seem like it’s my fault rather than his. And the same shit happened over and over again, we’d start fighting a lot, break up and get back together, which went on for a year.

What Happened Next That Was So Awful?

In New Year’s Eve, he texted me to apologise for how he treated me, and he said that he is all better and he wants to make things right because he is still so very in love with me and that I make him feel understood, calm and complete. I agreed to get back together (because I was dumb as shit and had absolutely no self-respect). Four days later, he told me that a family member passed away and he was deeply struggling at that time. I wanted to be there for him, and I tried to see him. When he asked for space, I gave it to him. When he asked to talk about it, I listened. Even when he screamed at me, I let it slide because I knew that anger is part of the grieving process.

You know how sometimes when you keep trying to reassure someone that you don’t even know what to say anymore so everything you say comes out wrong? Yeah, I did that. One night were talking about it and I was trying to tell him how strong he is and that he has been through worse. That obviously infuriated him because to him that was the most heart-breaking thing that happened to him, and in that day, he said, “I HAVE BEEN THROUGH WORSE???” Then he called me every name in the book, from to bitch to even ‘cunt.’ You name it… That made me feel worthless, but I still let it slide, because I thought to myself “I made him angry. It’s my fault. He really does love me he is just angry right now and he is hurting.” And then he blocked me (one of the many times he did) and so I had to reach him through his friends, and then one of his neighbours told me they will go check on him and they told me that “he is fine. He is just listening to some metal music.” I thought to myself that well maybe he is trying to ignore the fact that he is in pain, so I waited for him to unblock me and we started talking again.

For the next 5-6 months, he kept doing that – name calling, blocking me, starting arguments, talking about how much in pain he is, pushing me away, ignoring my texts and phone calls, refusing to see me but still went out with his friends. I didn’t understand why he treated me that way and he said, “well I don’t want to see you and I would rather spend time with my friends.” Mind you, these are the same friends that disapproved and judged our relationship, but he told me he shut that shit down. Even though I should have left from this mistreatment, he kept me on his leash somehow, saying that I am the only one who understands him, that I am the light to his dark room, that he wants to spend time with me but he just doesn’t feel like seeing anyone and that he truly loves me till this day. So, my dumbass STAYED even though he was a dick to me. I remember feeling so stuck… I wanted to leave because I was so mentally drained and exhausted, but I loved him very much and I thought that I wouldn’t be able to live without him. I was so depressed at that time and that’s when I started getting so anxious (Go read the blog I wrote about dealing with anxiety).

At some point he told me that he pushes me away because he feels like a burden and doesn’t want to pressure me by talking about his deep pain. I felt so much for his pain and I tried to tell him that part of being together is sharing our ups and downs. I even talked to a friend who drew portraits and asked him to draw one for him as that might cheer him up. When I sent him a photo of the portrait because he refused to see me, he talked about how it was awful because he didn’t like how his nose looked in that drawing, and he deleted that photo. When we went out finally, he kept making comments about my body and said that I need to slim down a little and that I would be sexier if I lost weight. And I remember that day I wore a black lace dress to look pretty and I was wearing black because 1. I love black. 2. My grandfather had passed away a week prior, which by the way he told me to “fuck off” when I told him that I need to talk because I was upset the day he died. I remember feeling so small.. Like I have become the woman that allows someone else to spit on her dignity and crush her in pieces…

It was such a dark, tragic year. And then by mid-June, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I told him how I feel about how he treats me and how it’s all so wrong, then he kept making fun of what I said. HE LAUGHED ABOUT IT. Then at some point I just lost it and said, ‘WE ARE OVER!’ I felt so bad that day and regretful because I thought that the last thing, he needed was to lose someone else and I asked him two days later to get back together but he refused and told me he wants to focus on his healing.

When that happened, EVERYTHING that I was refusing to deal with HIT ME HARD – All the bullying and other stuff that has happened to me that I was ignoring because I didn’t want to bother with this whole painful, long healing process. [That’s where the other blog comes of ‘Personal Power: How Did I Find Myself’ comes].

So, we broke up and I was so damn angry all the time. I cried for three hours straight that when everyone slept, and I couldn’t feel my legs. I started coughing and almost choking from my tears, literally. My heart PHYSICALLY hurt that at some point I genuinely thought that I was going to die. My head was throbbing, and I started feeling dizzy, and I kept crying till my throat and chest hurt and fell asleep. I remained deeply depressed for months, till he came back and said that he was doing all better. Then as usual, we were on and off because he’d say two weeks later or a month later that he is still not okay and needs to just focus on himself.

How Did I End the Cycle and Get The Fuck Out?
After almost 2.5-3 years of this fuckery happening, I completely changed. I focus on myself and started to really value myself which I explained it all in the Personal Power blog. When I was with him, I felt so detached and I was so sick and tired of hearing his excuses as to why he doesn’t want to see me and how he always pushed me away. The final straw was when he made it all about himself again and how life cruel has been to him and that he really does love me. THAT ANNOYED ME! It really did! So, I told him that the thing is with him, is that when one awful thing happens big OR SMALL, EVERYTHING STOPS. I explained to him that even though I understand that healing and mental health should be his number one priority, that I am also my number one priority. I kept going on about how the shit that happens to him is not anyone’s fault and that he can heal in his own way without mistreating me in the process. And I told him that I CANNOT to be the crutches to his emotions since I am not an emotional caretaker and he has absolutely no self-control. I went on and on about that and told him that “I am focusing on myself from now on.”

Now that’s not to say that he was faking his pain, because he really was in excruciating pain that at some point, he isolated himself from the world and pushed everyone away.

That heartbreak was the moment my life and I changed (IN A BEAUTIFUL WAY) and since I have reached my lowest point and managed rise up again and still have the capacity to really care about others and really laugh from the pit of my stomach, anything else that happened to me just hurt for a while. I was broken in the past and I glued myself back together to remain glued and strong.

What Did I Learn from This?

  1. When you love yourself fully and truly, you will DEMAND that amount of love and respect from others.
  2. Sometimes people need more help than you can give them, know your limits.
  3. Shit that happens to others is not an excuse to act aggressively and abusively towards ANYONE.
  4. Someone who TRULY loves you, respects you and DOES NOT body shame you.
  5. YOU CANNOT help someone who refuses to accept help or help themselves.
  6. Respect is a two-way street.
  7. Love is nurturing, compassionate, sweet, kind and respectful. Love is NOT demeaning, or degrading or disrespectful – SHITTY PEOPLE ARE
  8. Change does NOT happen in a matter of weeks. To change a flaw in YOURSELF takes time, accountability, commitment and determination. So, don’t expect to change ANYONE if that change doesn’t come from within them.
  9. Focus on yourself before adding anyone else to the equation.
  10. I am worthy and I still do believe in love! Love exists and it’s very much real between friends, partners and family members.
  11. You are NEVER ALONE. I found tons of support and love from people when I started talking about my past struggles.
  12. If you’re getting back together with someone make sure they have earned that trust and respect again. Make sure they prove to you how much they really value you.
  13. Your body is a temple and it is YOURS. DON’T allow anyone to abuse it verbally or physically.
  14. No more excusing excuses.
  15. End.The.Fuckery

Feel comfortable to share your story in the comments and how you survived domestic violence (mental, physical, sexual or emotional) IF YOU ARE READY TO! I am always here for ANYONE who needs me. Please find help and talk to someone about this, there is ALWAYS a way out.

Foundations of ANY Relationship

When I talk about relationships, I don’t specifically mean romantic ones, I mean ALL kinds of relationships between every gender and every age. Whether it’s a homosexual relationship, hetrosexual, friendship, family or sisterhood/brotherhood. I feel like a lot of us settle in situations and we settle for people who don’t serve us right, simply because we ‘love’ them. But seriously though, WHAT IS LOVE?

I think LOVE is more than just a feeling. It’s more than just your heart racing when he/she walks into a room… it’s more than just getting ‘butterflies…’ it’s more than just missing them and wanting to see them… Love is a feeling that should be depicted through actions, otherwise, what makes them different than an acquiantance? While I understand that some people aren’t as expressive, there are still situations and moments that define and really expresses how someone feels about you. NEVER JUST SETTLE!

In my opinion, these are the foundations of ANY relationship:

  1. Respect – too often do we forget this or let it slide because ‘he/she is upset today’ or ‘they’re going through a hard time.’ I always say that people react to situations differently and sometimes we lash out, which I really understand. But is it really your fault that they’re going through this? Why do you have to be the ‘punching bag?’ Why is it that they are taking it out on someone who loves them, appreciates them, respects, supports and is there for them? I think it’s normal to lash out once or twice, but when it becomes a habit and this person has the inability to control what’s coming out of their mouth, then it’s time to re-evaluate that relationship. Love is RESPECTFUL, NOT demeaning or degrading… If they need some time to cool off, that’s understandable, but don’t you ever become anyone’s punching bag! Putting yourself down and allowing them to spit on your dignity in the pursuit of THEIR happiness is NOT love or cute in any shape or form. It makes the relationship toxic and it takes so much time to rebuild that friendship with your friend/lover/sibling.
  2. Loyalty – When I say ‘loyalty’ I’m not just talking about cheating. Loyalty is about knowing you can be vulnerable with them and share the good and the ugly parts of your life without feeling that your privacy is being violated. Loyalty is knowing you can rely on them because they have EARNED that trust and really showed you that they’re worthy enough to hold the title of a ‘friend’ or ‘boyfriend/girlfriend.’
  3. Communication – I cannot stress how crucial communication is in any and every relationship. I wish I can cast a spell on some people to make them mature a little and quit the whole ‘not answering’ or ‘responding’ to a text or phone call. It’s awful the stories I hear about how suddenly a friend or a lover decided to ghost someone with no explanation. If you have a problem with someone, say it TO THEM. Too often do we tell everyone else but that specific person what’s bothering us about them. A relationship cannot work if your issues, interests, goals and expectations are not being shared. The problem with lost communication is that it can take forever, if ever, to win it back. Make sure your voice and theirs is always heard, so you can always have a mutual understanding and agreement. Nothing is worse than feeling lonely in a relationship. And if I’m being honest, I would choose being alone over and over again over feeling lonely with a friend/lover.
  4. Affection/Kindness – Friendships can be affectionate too but at a different level of course. I said this before and I’ll say it again, part of being in a relationship is about EVERY moment together, NOT just one or a few good moments. I think those little things like picking them up for dinner, getting them a gift on an anniversary and kindness is what makes a relationship more beautiful. It paints a whole new picture and it puts a memorable smile on their face. We live in a world where we get to experience different levels of beauty of life, and I truly believe that it’s even more beautiful when you share it with someone you deeply care about. There are days where we hit a bump on a road or go through a difficult experience, and the last thing you want is someone in your life who makes it even harder. Kindness does NOT cost the life of anyone, so the whole ‘I treat you like shit because I love you’ is total fucking bullshit and it’s a mask for their shitty, ugly heart that doesn’t know how to really love. If you can’t be kind and make their day better, then just don’t be in a relationship.
    Obviously this doesn’t apply to the days where you or them don’t feel okay. Sometimes we need to be alone to process our emotions and sometimes we’re just not in the mood to be all lovey dovey all the time.

I know that some of the stuff I talk about here can seem ‘offensive’ to some people, but I have decided a year ago to be my assertive self and to share my two cents no matter what. If honesty and the hard truth bothers you, leave. Otherwise you’ll just be giving me more viewers 🙂 so to me it’s a win-win either way. I also know that my content helps people and raises awareness about a lot of different topics which is my goal, and I won’t EVER stop.

Sending you all tons of love and light <3 Remember, I am ALWAYS here if you need someone to talk to because you’re not alone even when it feels like it…

Dealing With A Depressed Lover

I think this might be one of the most difficult blogs that I’ll write, as it brings back some memories. I will share what I can share, and keep other stuff to myself. I’m entitled to my privacy no matter what. ***Please note that this blog will cover sensitive topics like depression, self-harm and suicide. If this triggers you in any way, please refrain from reading and put your health first 🖤***

I was in a relationship with someone for a while and it was on and off. Currently it’s just off and thank God I feel good about this decision. The relationship had its ups and downs, but mostly downs. I had to understand and accept at some point that a relationship isn’t built on a few good moments, it’s about every moment. In no shape or form will I allow any shit comments about either of us, even though I know I deserve better than him. This isn’t an opportunity to bully or roast anyone.

As I refuse to mention anyone’s name or identity, I will nickname him HERE as Ken. So Ken and I were so in love, like truly. We were in love for YEARS. A lot of things got in the way and even though I should’ve realised this person is someone I shouldn’t be with, we both overcame it because we were in love. 4 days after we got back together after months broken up, Ken lost an important family member whom he cherished. It started with him shutting me out as part of his grieving and I think we should always give people time to process their emotions and really digest what happened. It was hard seeing him suffer and refuse to let anyone in, including myself. For the first month or two, he was jumping from isolation to “lets go out and I’m fine” as he was trying to move forward and trying to be okay with everything.

The closure he didn’t get and the feelings of loss, anger, despair and heart break started making him aggressive. There were times where he wouldn’t respond to my texts or calls, and times where he would act defensive with me. I always felt like I didn’t know what to say or the right words to say, but I still tried. The situation made me feel useless and inadequate because he didn’t feel better and any more comfortable with his own girlfriend. For around 5-6 months (really short time ofc) we were in this cycle of “I miss you” to “don’t talk to me” to “I want to be alone” to “I feel this” and it would repeat over and over again.

The mistake I made in a situation like this, is knowing that he was self-harming and slowly dying made me neglect my own feelings and tell myself that this is about HIM. When in reality a relationship is about two people with two different shared journeys.

At some point, he refused help because he didn’t believe it was possible to heal. He thought he did everything he could to feel better, and at that time his “friends” walked away as he kept shutting them out. I felt so depressed seeing him that way and then him not letting me see him or respond to my texts or calls. This was one of the scariest phases of my life. I always wondered if something happened to him or if he hurt himself. So I decided to have a conversation with him about how I feel and how it scares me not to hear from him over a week or so. I explained that I only want to make sure he is okay, and that I’m here when he is ready to talk about it. I wanted to let him know he isn’t alone and even though I was the only one left in his life, it doesn’t mean that he had to go through this alone.

His response was always aggressive, and when I tried to tell him how upset I felt in the hopes that this will make him feel safer being vulnerable, his response was either cold or ridicule. It sucked that I wasn’t acknowledged but I thought in that moment that he isn’t himself at the moment and he just needs time because he really is heart broken. Then it became verbally abusive… he called me names and even body shamed me, then he’d apologise saying that he only says shit like that so that I can stay away from him. He’d say he wants to be with me but he doesn’t want to drag me down with him.

This kept happening over and over again, destroying the both of us in the process. Also in that time, I was self-conscious about myself in every way and he was the first REAL love of my life after I was bullied so I latched onto him and refused to let go. I barely talked about it with my friends because I knew they’d tell me to leave him for being verbally abusive and that’s something I wasn’t ready to hear. So I told myself for the longest time that he’ll realise that he’s wrong sooner or later, he loves me too much but he’s just hurting, that he is a good person but he has his moments and that one day he’ll change. Did any of that happen? Fuck to the NO. Why? Again, we’re two different people on different journeys. I was supposed to focus on my journey of self-love, self-respect and confidence enough to set standards and refuse to be verbally abused or even let it get to me (wrote a whole blog about it called Personal Empowerment: How Did I Find Myself?)

We fought a lot after that, like A LOT that it was so exhausting. And at some point, I exploded! I was angry and I expressed everything I felt that year. I was crying almost daily from fear of losing him, feeling alone with him, worrying about him, how he made me feel about myself, how I viewed myself and I still wasn’t over things that happened to me before that. And when I did that day, Ken didn’t acknowledge my feelings or as he would say, he didn’t want to “show that he cares” but he “loves” me too much. He was cold and his response seemed like he wasn’t taking it seriously. So out of anger, I literally said “WE’RE OVER!”

How Can You Help A Depressed Person?

1- Give them time to process their feelings and really understand what happened. People grieve differently and I think there isn’t a specific time where they should feel fine, because people are different. Understand that their time alone is NOT an insult to you, it’s about collecting their thoughts and re-evaluating things in silence.

2- Make them feel it’s a safe space. Tell them that even though it feels very lonely and while you know that they’re in such a dark place, it doesn’t mean they don’t have anyone. Tell them that you’re there if they need a shoulder to cry on, or to just, or even to just sit in silence together.

3- Let them know that how they feel is VALID. You might NOT understand what they’re going through even if you think you do. However, they might not believe that you get it because you’re not in their shoes, which is something you have to accept. Nothing angers them more than people who act like they know what it’s like.

4- Help them get their life back together. Taking time off to rethink everything and grieve is one thing, and them leaving themselves to decay is another thing. Help them by maybe going to the gym so they can let out their emotions. Or go for a run together, maybe even clubbing to dance! Give them a reason to get out of the house.

5- Know your boundaries and limits – You have NO right to invade their privacy or pressure them to talk when they made it clear that they’re not ready. I know how concerned we can be, but the more you push them, the more they’ll push you away. Limits- the amount of help you can give. I know there is a huge stigma surrounding mental health but FUCK THAT. If you have given them all the support, love and care you can give for a while and it doesn’t work, it’s time for them to seek professional help. Him/Her seeking professional help doesn’t mean that it’s over for them or that you’re not good enough or worthy enough. There is a limit to the amount of help we can all give and going to a therapist should be looked at as an OPENING. It’s a new journey to learn how to deal with emotions and cope with them.

What Boundaries Should I Set?

  • Please, for the love of hummus DO NOT let anyone DISRESPECT YOU. Sometimes we lash out or throw tantrums, but when it’s constant, it puts you down and your view of self-worth. I’m sorry but whatever they are going through is NOT your fault, you DID NOT cause this. Look at it this way, you’re giving them your shoulder to cry on, your time and space for them to talk, your energy to take them out and help them, all the love in your heart and being very cautious with every word you say, and that’s how they treat you?? If it happened once or twice, I think it’s normal, but if happens often or a lot, then it’s time to re-evaluate that relationship. We see enough shit from the world and fucking shit in life, so really why are we doing the same shit to each other? Why? It’s a big problem if that person is someone you’re seeing because it shows how they don’t really value you or respect you enough. Do you treat them the same way when you go through something? Every situation reveals a layer to each and every single one of us.
  • DON’T be an emotional caretaker. You’re a human being whose job is to give support and be there for them, but you can’t be the crutches to anyone’s emotions. He/She has to be able to look after themselves even when they’re at their lowest. Dragging you down with them won’t pull either of you up.
  • Know when to walk away – I’ll put it this way, you CANNOT help someone who refuses to help themselves. You can ENCOURAGE them to get help or open up, but the decision to start the healing journey and really feeling every emotion to get through it is a choice that you can’t make for anyone. A relationship is built on respect, communication, loyalty and affection. If that person isn’t communicating with you any longer like you used to, it will be very hard to get back that communication. If they’re constantly distancing themselves and expect you to be there for them even when they mistreat you, then they don’t respect you enough and it’s a selfish thing to want. Don’t forget that a boyfriend/girlfriend should have the same qualities is a friend and when the friendship is lost, the spark starts to fade. So really what are you doing right now? You aren’t friends anymore, you lost the spark, you’re barely communicating, you’re being mistreated and disrespected and you feel alone. What the damn hell are you doing? Even a therapist should be able to establish a connection with them and a therapist/psychologist is a mental health professional. You’re THEIR LOVER.

Remember that we are all on a different journey and there is only so much that we can give. Losing yourself for someone isn’t romantic or cute, it’s self-destructive. There is always help out there but people have different timings and hope can always grow in our hearts after it has been lost. Love should be kind not cruel, love should be respectful not degrading, love should be compassionate not demeaning, love should be affectionate not toxic. I’m not asking you to expect romance and butterflies in a time like this, because you would be asking them for a lot. But the ability to control their anger and not using stabbing words with you or about you isn’t that hard to control. We all have at least 1% control in situations like this, so it’s not okay to fuck people over because you’re hurting. Love doesn’t hurt because love is kind, shit people do hurt you. Being in pain does NOT make a wrong less wrong and being a dick is never an opportunity.

If you ever need to talk to someone just let me know and I’ll be here 🖤 Feel free to share your story in the comments IF YOU WANT TO💋

Changing Your Appearance For Someone

Love shouldn’t hurt

Let’s be real, body shaming EXISTS. We all have been to family gatherings where we were told “oh have you gained weight?” “Damn you lost a lot of weight. You should be careful” or shit like “what have you done to your hair?” Sometimes you even sit with a friend or a cousin and they start nit picking on others. “She definitely got lip fillers. That’s why she looks like a duck” “Man that guy is too thin and short. Ew not my type.” Body shaming can be difficult to face and even harder to speak up if it comes from someone who is close to you.

Notice the caption under the photo up there? “Love shouldn’t hurt.” Now, love isn’t just between a man and a woman. It can be family love, friendships and siblings. It’s strange to me how people constantly say love is kind and/or romantic then you hear people saying they lost weight because their partner thinks it’s more attractive. Apparently the idea that “fat is bad” and “fat means unhealthy” still exists. Before we jump to how to deal with that bullshit, let me explain something about “fat.”

  1. FAT is distributed differently in our bodies. There are people who get more fat around their hips when they gain a few pounds. Others get fat on their buttocks. You DON’T know what someone’s fat percentage is or what it should be and how the fat is distributed around their body. And really it’s none of your damn business. Focus on YOUR appearance not others.
  2. ’Fat is unhealthy’ let me remind you that we ALL have fats and cellulite. Fat is IMPORTANT sometimes! There is a reason why underweight people and anorexics (eating disorder and hopefully diagnosed by a professional not a dumb fuck on social media) are asked to gain some weight because we all need a specific fat percentage. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to promote obesity as it comes with a lot of health issues just like being underweight is as dangerous.
  3. Muscle weighs more than fat. Weight doesn’t instantly tell you how much body fat you have. Weight = fats, muscles, bones, etc… body builders weigh a lot because of their muscle mass. Do your research and educate yourself Of course if you don’t want to educate yourself or do research, then it’s your choice. But if you don’t have anything nice to say or anything productive to add to conversation, then just keep your mouth shut and stapled.

NOTE: Any change you attempt to do should be done for YOU. It’s YOUR body and no one else’s. There is a reason why we’re in different bodies and we weren’t born in the same body as someone else haha. Embrace your body and only try to enhance your beauty. If you’re self-conscious about your body and confidence, please go read my other blogs.

You Might Be In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

I don’t know anything about your relationship or the nature of it. But I do know that someone who loves YOU accepts YOU as a whole. They love YOU for YOU, not for who they want you to be or this image they have of you which isn’t you. Why do we spend so much time trying to make the other person feel loved and that their imperfections are perfect when we don’t receive the same respect and affection? Respect is a two-way street no matter what the nature of your relationship is and how long you’ve been together. Even if it was said in a moment of anger, that thought came from somewhere. One day we’re gonna grow old and I don’t think anyone will think in their 80’s that they should have been 15 kgs lighter when they were 27. Love is not about how thick your thighs are or how long your hair is. It’s about loving YOU as a PERSON, not as a body. Anyone who doesn’t love the real you, isn’t meant for you.

Emotional abuse is as bad as physical abuse. And it is NEVER too late to stand up for yourself. If a partner (man or woman) makes a disgusting comment about your body, explain to them how that makes you feel and try to let them see how they have been brainwashed by society. I personally think that’s not a relationship worth investing in because of the reasons I explained above. If it doesn’t stop, walk away. It’s hard of course, but it is even harder to feel lonely in a relationship.

NOTE: Body positivity and acceptance does NOT equate to eating junk food and/or being lazy. Health is SUPER important. My blogs are not meant to dismiss the idea of getting in shape and eating clean. It’s about raising awareness of issues that arise these days and explaining how to deal with them from my personal experience.

Toxic Family Members

If a parent, cousin, uncle or aunt criticises your body or makes fun of your appearance, try to do one of the following:

A) Explain how that makes you feel (if they listen like a normal human being)

B) Politely ask them to fuck off. “You know I don’t really see the point of that comment. Thank you for raising your concerns but I’m good and I have my doctors to look after me.”

C) Make them look stupid using humour 🙂 “hahaha you think? I actually see myself in the mirror every day so I know how I look like haha. Glad you care so much about MY body.” Emphasise on ‘MY’ to make them look stupid and I promise you they will be embarrassed.

Whatever you decide to do, distance yourself from that person. I used to keep quiet about, but I choose to speak up. It won’t end it I let them hurt me or just throw nasty comments that are pointless tbh.

Message To WOMEN

LADIES! Why are we judging and criticising each other? Don’t we have enough cultures trying to silence us? Jobs STILL paying men more than women (simply cuz they have a 2-inch dick)? Don’t we have enough labels to deal with daily? Sexism??? So really, why are women hating on each other a lot these days?! Why is social media filled with women trying to tear each other apart? Quit your attempt to cyber bully people because YOU lack confidence and respect. Spread love or just work on you, yourself and you. I promise you that I won’t stay quiet if I see a woman skinny shaming and fat shaming other women. So much for ‘Female Empowerment’ lol.

Also, why are we making fun of men now too?😂 We are already have a lot of work to do ladies to get together, so why are we labelling a guy’s masculinity based on how much muscle he has? I understand we all have preferences, but judgement and body shaming is NOT okay. It’s disgusting.

Message To Men

I truly believe that men deal with body image issues, but they aren’t as vocal about it as we are because of this preconceived notion that men shouldn’t express emotions and that being “man enough” is about being tough, going to the gym, drinking protein shakes and being 6”2

Watch this video by Justin Baldoni (AKA Rafael from Jane The Virgin)

This platform is open for you to talk about it. There is no judgment here. However, I DO have a problem with “guys” shaming other women about how they should look like. I hope you read my blog properly and understood that masculinity is about RESPECT. It’s about showing your daughter, wife, girlfriend and sister that you love them unconditionally regardless. MEN don’t judge a woman based on how she dresses, how much she weighs and what she eats. “Boys” do that. Actually I call them “baby boys.” Don’t be a baby boy, because you’re the one who is going to lose HER, lose your masculinity and get your ass roasted. I had enough of this bs. And trust me, everyone’s patience runs out eventually. So no matter how much she loves you NOW, she’ll lose all the respect and love she holds in her heart for you sooner or later. Don’t be a dickless baby boy 🙂

Dating Misconceptions…

So I hear a lot of misconceptions regarding relationships and so I decided to write this blog as a wake up call for a lot. These are misconceptions I hear A LOT, and others that I have asked.

  • “We have to talk every single day/meet daily” – I think that is beautiful to spend as much quality time as possible with that special person, but I also think that DAILY can be a little bit excessive. Of course, it’s nice to hear from them and chat daily, but I have noticed recently that A LOT of people make it seem like it’s an obligation. Ever heard something like “HOW COULD HE NOT TALK TO ME FOR 14 HOURS! DID HE REALLY FORGET ABOUT ME?” “How did he/she not text you today?” Well, sometimes people need some space even from their partner/lover. That doesn’t mean they love you any less, it just means that sometimes you just want to sit in silence and collect your thoughts. Before you say “how can he stay away from me for an entire day!? If he loves me enough he’ll talk to me all the time.” Yeah, if he loves you he will make time for you because it is a matter of priorities. I just think we’re quick to judge and jump into conclusions. That individual coulld be having a tough day and wants a day or two to cool off before letting you in, they could have other committments, and so on. Give people the benefit of the doubt. I think it is a problem if he/she is constantly looking for an excuse to stay away and not text for more than 2-3 days every other day.
  • LOVE CONQUERS ALL! – That would be a lovely dream that came true, unfortunately if that’s true, every relationship out there would have lasted. Love CAN conquer a lot, but love alone is not enough. If you’re in a relationship where you’re being name called during an argument, or your partner keeps ghosting you, or he/she makes you feel like crap when you open up or makes fun of that, then it isn’t a mutual fulfilling relationship. No relationship in this world lasts without affection, trust and faithfulness. A lover should also be YOUR BEST FRIEND that you can laugh with from the pit of your heart. You can be in love but the chemistry between you is weak. You can be with someone who loves you, but is too chicken to stand up for you. There is a lot more that comes to a relationship than just ‘love.’ It all falls back to the personality and the romantic feelings can be an extra positive push making your relationship blossom.
  • “If he didn’t like me he wouldn’t be responding at all”– Well… we all said this at some point.. “why else would he respond to my texts?” well maybe he doesn’t want to bluntly say he doesn’t want to talk to you, or he is simply having a nice conversation with a friend. I see people say this a lot even when a guy responds to every text 72 hours later xD Like how boring is that? 😀 Let me make it very simple for you, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. If someone likes you, they WILL put the effort and look for the most irrelevent reasons to talk to you. If you want to know how someone feels about you, just ask them or show your interest and see how they will respond. There is absolutely no gender role in starting a conversation (as long as you’re not the one initiating everything every time) and there is no gender role in asking someone for coffee. It’s just coffee y’all. Remember that some guys/men get rejected terribly and that can make them fear asking a woman out or put them off, or he might just be a shy guy. A response is always better than no response, no matter how the conversation ends. The moment you have answers is the moment you’re aware of what’s next – moving on or start seeing this person
  • BOTH MEN AND WOMEN DO THIS A LOT – Make Them Jealous To See If They Love YouLet me just start by saying FUCK TO THE NO (I used to do it too by the way) Obviously you wouldn’t want to feel like that special person is going to be taken soon by anyone else, BUT jealousy DOES NOT = love
    Jealousy usually comes from a place of possessiveness or insecurity. When people get jealous, they tend to think “well she is pretty gorgeous, of course he has the hots for her,” “Look at how she is walking and that hair.. such an attention seeking you-know-what.” It always comes from a place of feeling inadequate or threatened. So I disagree completely with using this method to try to know if someone likes you. That would be feeding into their insecurity and/or you’re allowing them to be possessive. Want to know if someone has feelings for you? See if they actually act like it, because LOVE should come from a place of LOVE, not fear, not threat and definitely not possessiveness or insecurity. That is NOT cute nor is it healthy…
  • I’m Cold With You Because I Love You – Drop the bad boy act, sir. We’re not in high school anymore. I don’t see why I even have to explain this. So I’ll just leave it at that…