Crappy Day: How I Dealt With it Today?

I have noticed that the thing about social media is that it is usually high-high or low-low. By that I mean that our social media is either full of rainbows, butterflies and marshmallows OR storms and depressing quotes. This is one of the reasons why I write these blogs, as I am aware that I seem a ‘high-high’ person face-to-face and on social media most of the time and obviously that is NOT realistic.

Most of the time I am a very happy and positive person (thank fuck for this blessing because I wasn’t always like that), but like every human being in this world, I have shitty days as well. I am also a very private person and I like to keep my personal life away from social media as we’re all entitled to our privacy no matter what. So I’ll only share those personal stuff with close friends and share here on this blog how I deal with specific stuff like anxiety, etc…

So you guessed it, I had a crappy day today. It started crappy, something bothered me later that day and being a final year student stressed me out as well. I don’t want to drag this blog for 10 pages so I’ll just cut to the chase and share how I made myself feel better even if I am not 100% fine.

  1. Went For A Walk – I know that we all try to ignore how we feel and our thoughts sometimes, but from my personal experience, I know it always comes back again if we don’t deal with it. Obviously if you have an exam or anything important than the focus should be switched to that important task then deal with how you feel afterwards. Going for a walk can really release your thoughts. According to scientific research, going for a walk or exercising boosts blood circulation to our brains, and therefore oxygen, which optimises our mental wellbeing overall. Next time you try to supress how you feel, try RELEASING instead.
  2. 4-Fold Breath – I have mentioned this in the ‘Dealing with Anxiety‘ blog so I’ll copy paste this here: ” Take a deep breath for 4 seconds, hold it for 4 seconds, breath out for 4 seconds and empty your minds for JUST 4 seconds. If 4 seconds is a lot, practice 2 seconds, then do it for longer when you can. I say repeat this method for 5 to 10 minutes. if you need to do it for longer (20-30 minutes) then by all means do so. Trust me, it helps. Studies have proven that this increases the supply of oxygen to your brain to promote a state of calmness. Just focus on your breathing for those 5-30 minutes. It takes practice, but it REALLY works.”
  3. Wrote 2 Shitty Pages – Get a pen and paper and write down one or two or twelve pages of RANTING. It doesn’t have to make sense, just RANT and write from the top of your head. You can throw the paper afterwards or keep it, up to you, but do this and LET IT OUT. Please DO NOT do it on your phone! You really do feel your thoughts being released when you write things down with YOUR OWN HAND.
  4. Warm Showers Are The FUCKING BEST – Read here for more information.
  5. Find Something or Someone That Makes You Laugh – Whether it’s a friend or a comedy show/movie, find that thing that makes you laugh or smile. I truly do believe in the power of laughter since it snaps you out of a moment in SECONDS! Thank god I have been blessed with a sense of humour where I make myself and others laugh A LOT. As for comedy shows, my two favourite are How I Met Your Mother (Barney is LEGEND-IHOPEYOU’RENOTLACTOSEINTOLERENT-DARY) and One Day At A Time. Alternatively, you can do or think of something that usually makes you smile, even if it’s just a memory. Find something that will boost your mood even a little!

I SHOULD have reached out to anyone and shared my crappy day but I honestly didn’t know what to say and like a lot of you I still find it hard sometimes to open up in general, but I’m trying. So DON’T make that same mistake and keep things to yourself every time. If you want people to be there for you, you have to reach out and stop expecting to be fed with a closed mouth.

This blog is so unplanned for, so I do apologise if it’s a little messy. I literally wrote it without planning on how or what I’ll write exactly. I really wanted to put this one out there even though it’s a bit short and fast. I hope you all have a blessed and a wonderful day. Remember that it’s just a bad DAY, NOT a bad LIFE.

Stay fucking awesome, fearless, badass and wear that crown with pride!

4 Replies to “Crappy Day: How I Dealt With it Today?”

  1. You are amazing and inspirational in more ways than one .
    Btw! Tip number 5 . Do reach out. For all I know you have been there for me,the least I can do is be there for you .

  2. We stumbled over here coming from a different website and thought I may as well check things out. I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward to checking out your web page again.

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