Detox Diet 2020

Diets diets diets… Something that is always talked about and I don’t like to talk about my diet or what I eat on a day to prevent this idea and the focus on our bodies and ‘weight loss.’ I have decided today to talk about my 2020 detox diet and why.

So what is detoxing? It is a process where you cleanse your body from all the junk and highly processed and sugary foods. That is not the detox diet I am doing though. I am NOT doing the traditional diets everyone talks about nor am I using all those products that celebrities promote on their page like ‘Skinny Coffee.’ My detox diet will have to do with both my physical and mental health… One that I created for myself and my body.

Rozenspiration’s Detox Diet

  1. Spending some time alone – disconnecting to reconnect
  2. Think about the things, places and people that are in your life and ask yourself – are they adding any value or sucking more of my energy? Truth is, if you were with someone (friend/lover) that was mentally, verbally, emotionally or physically abusive, 99.9% chance they will do it again when the go on a spiral or lose it.
  3. Drawing the line between having problems in relationships and feeling like you’re surviving
  4. Journal and really sit with your feelings – Why do you feel how you feel? Dig deep and find out if you’re being rational.
  5. Toss those fuckers out of your life! How many chances do people think they deserve to keep making you feel unworthy, unloved, disrespected or inadequate?
  6. Someone who shows you their ugly side [cheater, disloyal, disrespectful, abusive]- Believe them – if it’s too much to tolerate, leave them. They will regret hurting you – that’s how you teach them a lesson. Let them go back to their toxic circle and they’ll suffer like they have in the past, and then realise that they lost you (a gem).
  7. Leave environments where you can’t be your true self or that suck a lot of your energy. LEAVE.
  8. Take a break – if you have commitments then obviously get to it, but take a day or two out of that entire week and go somewhere without anyone.
  9. Spend some time in nature!
  10. Eat foods that nourish you and ones that you enjoy 🙂

Speaking of detox products and diet pills, watch this Instagram IGTV posted by Jameela Jamil:

Nothing and no one is worth putting your mental health at risk. Learn to forgive them so you can cleanse your soul from hatred and anger, but that doesn’t mean they have to be in your life. Some people are a blessing and others are a lesson. Ask yourself why you would want to be around or close to someone who is toxic? Let them go on their own journey of healing and moving on – But letting a toxic person back into your life will cost you A LOT – when someone shows you who they really are more than once, believe them. You DON’T need to be taught the same lesson twice! Put yourself first and remember the reason why things ended with them in the first place, because most likely it will happen again. To live a fuller life and some inspiration, go give this blog a quick read.


Goodbye to every person that has got 5+ chances to change their shit attitude and hasn’t. Goodbye to every person that couldn’t determine the difference between arguments and being an ass. Goodbye to every weakling that didn’t stand up for me or fight for me like I fought for them. Goodbye to every person that has had many chances to be real and honest and hasn’t. Goodbye to every person who has caused me pain over and over and over again. Goodbye to every person that has made an awful decision of choosing others over me when I gave my all. I am completely kicking you out of my life, my socials and my mind. If that happens, it’s because you have had tons of chances to change or improve and you have only harmed me further. Goodbye to every emotional vampire. Goodbye to anyone who has put their hand on me.

P.S.: Remember that if someone still wants to contact you or make it up to you, they will even if you’ve blocked them. If they want to send a fucking pigeon to reach you, they will. If they don’t, then they NEVER cared enough. You win.

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