Developing Personal Resilience

Back in October 2019, I joined a program called “Environmental Leadership” with a company called Uprising, which is basically a 9-month program where you get to know more about the environment and develop leadership skills at the same time. That being said, we have sessions about leadership skills, networking, etc… Today’s session was about Personal Branding & Resilience, and I gladly got to meet the speaker Errol Lawson.

Errol Lawson is a speaker, author, coach and entrepreneur, whom I got his book today called ‘From Post Code To The Globe: How to Overcome Your Limitations & Realise Your Potential‘ I got to stand up today (by choice) and share my story in a room full of 60 people which was absolutely remarkable! I don’t know how I did it and how I managed to say what I said and the three ways I overcame a dark phase of my life.

Today I am writing this blog to share 3 ways to turn things around, according to Errol Lawson, so let’s get to it:

  • Choose The Right Friends: There are 4 types of friends and who you surround yourself with are the ones you pick up their energies. Apparently the 5 people you spend time with the most are the ones you begin to adopt their personality, so beware. 4 types of friends:
    Adders: These are the types of people that add value to your life in any way (YAY- keep those)
    Takers: Energy suckers basically are the ones who are ALWAYS negative about life and absolutely ungrateful. Going through a rough patch is one thing and constantly being down and depressing over anything is another thing (NAY – Stay away from them)
    Dividers: People with no goal in life (personal or career wise) and they usually try to hold you back or drag you south by discouraging your goals. (Eww- Stay away from them)
    Multipliers: These are the ones that make you feel 10ft taller with them as they constantly push you to be the best version of yourself, because they truly want what’s best for you and conversations with them usually energise you/stimulate you. (YAY – keep those)
  • Take 100% Responsibility – I mentioned this before briefly in my blogs and I will say it again. If someone wronged you or hurt you, that’s on THEM. It is not their fault though that you haven’t moved on. The first step to moving on is getting out of that victim mindset of blaming circumstances and people. Yes, shame on them, but what next?! Happiness is a responsibility and it is YOURS alone. Here are two sayings that Errol said that really stuck in my head:
    “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to ME!” Simply means that your life, your choices and your relationships (friends/family/lovers) is something that YOU are in charge of and not the circumstances or people. You make these decisions so YOU create your own destiny.
    “Excuses are the nails of the coffin in this universe.” I know how hard life can be and how a lot of times things seem out of our control or unfair, just remember that giving power to the past, to other people and to circumstances is the reason why a lot of us are unhappy. Sometimes you have to say ENOUGH and get on with your healing journey no matter how long it will take.
One of the ’13 Reasons Why’ I love Will Smith 😛 Link of that 2 minute video is HERE
  • BE COURAGEOUS (Literally)!
    So what is comfort zone? Comfort is a place or a situation that seems familiar so we just settle there no matter how toxic that person/place/job can be for us. To turn things around you HAVE TO break that cycle and keep stepping out of that comfort zone. You do that by stepping into the unknown that scares you! Think about it, if you flashforward 20 years from now and today is your last day, what story do you want to tell an infant about your life? What experiences, moments and people would you want to share that made your life worth living and colourful? Which people, jobs, places and experiences were worth investing time and energy in? Really think about that and ask yourself, how can I live fully with no regrets? The last thing I personally want is to look back and say I wish I didn’t miss out on this moment/experience. So get the hell out of your comfort zone and stop letting fear win. You’re not the victim of your story. Your story is your POWER! There is nothing out of control unless you give that power to others. Remember life is too short and look at how fast the days, months and years are passing – STOP WASTING TIME AND GET OUT THERE! It is YOUR life and no one else’s!

Two things that DON’T matter:

  1. FAKE credibility
  2. Being accepted

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