How To Be A Badass Bitch ;)

We all have an inner boss bitch, we just need to channel it and let it OUT! Just like I have a Pettyzana side (My name: Rozana + Petty = Pettyzana – I know it’s a talent) Fuck yeah! Be your own goddamn queen/king!

Here is a list of Do’s and Dont’s:


Choose to be confident! The ‘how?’ is explained in this blog and here is where I explained how I did it

Self-reliant: Don’t expect for anyone to be available ALL the time. It’s time to be more responsible and independent to do everything you want to do without relying on anyone but YOURSELF. Some people might even disappoint you in future (it’s a fact. Not being pessimistic here), so no matter who you end up with, you are the only person you can rely on.

Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve: To be a badass is the complete opposite of being ‘fake.’ Be your authentic self as much as you possibly can, so if you’re not feeling okay, that’s fine. Don’t be okay right now, just pick yourself back up tomorrow. If you feel happy, BE FUCKING HAPPY. If an emotion it’s real to you, then feel it and wear it on your sleeve even if it’s hard to do that. It doesn’t have to be real to anyone else but YOU.

Assertive: Speak your thoughts and opinion LOUD AND CLEAR. You have been blessed with something that NOT everyone has, and that is a VOICE. You have a voice, so choose to be heard. Now there is a fine line between being assertive and disrespectful. Assertiveness is fearlessly expressing yourself without crossing the line or others boundaries, so choose your words wisely.

Stand By What You Believe In: This again falls under being assertive, but beliefs is more about values and morals. If you truly believe in something, don’t be ashamed, embarrassed or afraid to be true to you. Everyone has different beliefs obviously and you should respect that and receive the same respect in return.

IDGAF Attitude: I say this a lot and I will keep saying it, the person you are spending the rest of your life with is YOU. So stop giving two shits what others think of you because people judge no matter what. If I am doing something that is NOT harming anyone in any way, I tell those haters and energy suckers that I’ll sleep without an underwear so they can KISS.MY.ASS 🙂 I know, the tea is too much…

Own Your Past Pain: After healing of course, choose to own your past pain by letting it shape you into a better person, rather than break you. You have been through many storms, why give up now? Pain can come back from time to time of course and everyone has a different story, just try as much as you can possibly can to remind yourself of the PRESENT rather than the PAST. I turned that pain around and developed these blogs to inspire and help many 🙂

START DOING: You know that passion you have that you keep saying you’ll read about or take action soon but you keep procrastinating? Well get your ass up now and start DOING instead of flapping those lips.

– Wear WHATEVER Makes You Feel Powerful

Practice Peace of Mind: I always say make it a habit to have 1-2 days for yourself ALONE to disconnect, in order to re-connect with your commitments, relationships, yourself, etc… In those days, try to practice peace of mind, whether it’s journaling, EFT, meditation, painting, drawing, writing, and many more… Just FLUSH and detox. If you don’t have 24 hours for yourself, find at least 15 minutes when you first wake up or before bed.


1- People pleasing

2- Apologise Too Much – Only apologise when you’re at fault

3- Seeking approval

4- Seeking acceptance

I say: FUCK EM all 🙂

Finger is still up even when it’s injured… #PETTYZANA

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